jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

                                               ANIMAL´S DESCRIPTIONS

The Rabbit
Some rabbits are white,some are brown,some are black and some are grey.They are rabbits in Colombia,North Austrya and Asia;there are a lot ,but we can also find them in some mountains.Rabbits live for around 5-7 years.They can be about,1,3 metres long and the weigh up yo 4,5 kilograms.The rabbits are mammals,hervivorous.They eat herbs and carrots.Their hair is very soft.It has a tail that looks like a ponpon.The rabbit has two ears. It has two teeth to chew and cut the grass better.
The rabbit lives in a burrow.
Their meat is very tasty.
I have a rabbit and I love it.

The elephant

An elephant lives in Africa.It eats leaves.It's got big ears and a long nose.It's got long tain.It's the heaviest animal in the savanna. An elephant moves slowly ,but it's more dangerous than a hyppo.
I think it's as nice as a lion.

The turtle
 A turtle lives in the water in rivers,in seas...buy it can walk on the sand. A turtle eats tomatoes,lettuce...It is as small as a hamster.Turtle is as green as a plant.It is slower 
than a fish, but it is faster than a snail. 

                                              GIVE DIRECTIONS-DIALOGUE

-Excuse me, do you know where the park is?
-Yes, it´s on High Street.
-How do I get to High Street?
-Well, this is Elm Avenue. Go straight on Elm Avenue until you reach High Street.
-Ok, then what?
-Turn right on High Street and you can see the park.
-Great, thank you so much.
-No problem.

                                                 DOG´S DESCRIPTION

A dog is a popular animal in the world.
Some dogs are black, some are white and some are brown.
There are dogs every where.
Dogs live for around 20 years.
They can measure about 50 centemetres and they can weigh about 1kg to 5kg.
They are very friendly and they aren´t dangerous.
They usually eat food.


What type of animal is it?
It´s a mammoel.
How big is it?
It´s 50 centimetres tall.
How heavy is it?
It´s 1kg to 5kg.
Where does it live?
It´s lives every where.
What colour is it?
It is brown, black and white.


-Hello, can I help you?
-Yes please, how much are the tickets?
-They´re 44 for adults and 22 for children.
-Is there a special price for families?
-Yes, there is. They´re 112,20 for adults and 2 children.
  How many tickets would you like?
-Two tickets for adults and two tickets for children, please.
-Yes, what time does the zoo close?
-Well, it´s summer, so it close at 5:00 pm

viernes, 9 de junio de 2017


Football is a fun sport for children and adults. You can play it on a football pitch. You use soccer boots and a soccer ball. There are 11 person in each team. You must hit the soccer ball in the goal. You shouldn´t score in your own goal. Try to get the most goals. You get 3 points if you win a match and you get a point if you tie the game. You win when you get more goals than the other team.

viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

                                            SINBAD'S COMIC

                                  MY HOLIDAY IN MADRID

This is a photo from my holiday in Madrid.
It's beautiful there.
Madrid has got many high buildings.
My family is exploring the streets.
That is my brother in the photo.
His name is Claudio and he is reading a poster.
I'm taking photos.
I's hot here, we're 44 degrees.
My mother and I were wearing a T-shirt and shorts.
My father and my brother are wearing a T-shirt and a swimsuit.
It's very warm.
We're having a great time in Madrid's streets.


                                                           MY ROOM

My bedroom is on the second floor. In the upper left corner there is a white shoerack. Near the shoerack there is a white wardrobe. There are two beds, one bed is near the door and the other is near the wardrobe. Between the beds there is a white night-table. Next to the door there is a white desk. Under the desk there is a purple chair. Above the desk there are three white shelves. There are some pictures in the room. There is a balcony. Above the door of the balcony there are two curains white and red. 

miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017


-Hello, how can I help you?
-My name is Natalia, i'd like some information about guitar lessons.
-How old are you?
-I'm 14.
-Do you want private lessons or would you like to join a class?
-I want private lessons. How often is the class.
-The class for your age is twice a week.
-When is the class?
-On Tuesday and Thursday at 5.00-6.00 pm
-How much is cost?
- The class is 75 euros a month.

-Hello, how can I can help you?
-Hi, my name is Nuria, I'd like some information about art classes.
-Do you want private lessons or would you like to join a class?
-I don't want private lessons.
-The class for you is twice a week.
-When is the class?
-Sundays and Wednesdeys at 5.00-6.00 pm.
-How much is cost?
-The class is 60 euros a month.


-Can I help you?
-Yes, please. I'd like take go to Brighton Wich bus I do take?
-Bus 323 goes yo Brighton.
-How often does the bus run?
-Once a day.
-I see, when's the next bus?
-At 10.00 am.
-How much does a tiket cost?
-It's 12 pounds. Would you like a tikect?
-Yes, please. Where's the bus stop?
-It's right over there.
 Have a good trip.

Twenty minutes later...

-Can I help you?
-Yes please. I'd like to go to reading. Wich bus do I take?
-Bus 221 goes to reading.
-How often does the bus run?
-Once an hour.
-I see, when's the next bus?
-At 9.30 am
-How much does a ticket cost?
-It's 13 pounds, would you like a ticket?
-Yes please. Where's the bus stop?
-It's right over there.
  Have a good trip.


                    SAIN PATRICK'S DAY

-Green, Ireland, Lepreboun, Shamrock, Snake, Horseshoe, Hat, Rainbow, Pot of gold, Harp.

1. Saint Patrick's Day is a typical day in Ireland in memory of a little boy who later became a priest.
2. On this day everyone is wearing green. And everything is green. Even the rivers!
3. The Leprechaun is a typical little green elf on Saint Patrick´s Day.
4. The shamrock is a green plant that everyone is wearing on Saint Patrick´s Day.
5. A legend says that ST Patrick expelled all the snakes from Ireland.
6. On this day, people put horseshoes on its doors to have good luck.
7. The legend says that at the end of the rainbow there is a Leprechaun with a pot of gold.
8. The harp is a typical instrument on Saint Patrick´s Day.

The story of Saint Patrick´s Day


-Hello, can you jump high?
-Yes, I can, and you?
-I´m surprised, I can´t.
-I didn´t know that. Can you play football well?
-I don´t like play football.
-Can you throw a ball?
-Yes, I can, You can, too?
-Yes, I can.
-I was rigth. Can you do Judo well?
-Yes, I can, and you?
-I´m suprised. Yes, I can.
-How interesting.
-Can you ski well?
-Yes, is a fantasctic sport. And you?
-I can´t.
-Bye bye.
-See you.

martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


-When do you use the internet?
-I sometimes use internet to surf the web and chat with my friends, and doy?
-I never use the internet
-Are you kidding? Why don´t you use the internet?
-My parents don´t want.

-When do you play tennis?
-I play tennis when I go to Málaga, and you?
-I play tennis when i go to Málaga,too.

-Wha is your favourite color?
-My favourite color is black
-Really? I hate the colors so darks
-What is your favourite color?
-Is yellow, I love it.

-What is your favourite group?
-Is Metallica
-Really? Do you like metal?
-Yes, I love it
-I love it, too.

-When do you draw?
-I sometimes draw at the weekend
-Me too.

-Do you like butter?
-No, i hate butter
-Are you kidding? I hate butter, too.

-Do you like go to the cinema at the weekend?
-Yes, I like
-Really? I like, too.

-Do you like tomates?
-No, I hate tomatoes
-Are you kidding? I hate tomatoes,too.

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

                               British Tea


You will need: A cup, water, milk, tea bags, tea cups, a keetle and sugar.

First, you boil some water and put it in the keetle to warm it, and throw out the water. Then you put some milk in it.

Then you boil some water and put it in a cup and you put a tea bag in it.

After a time, you put the tea in the keetle with the milk and you cover it. Live it for three minutes.

Now is already to serve. Serve it in a tea cup and add it some sugar. Drink and enjoy!

People have tea for wake up, before ljnch, after lunch, at tea time, at night ore at all time! So make an sweet tea and enjoy it.