lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

                                                                   DAILY NEW

A man stole 65'000 Necklace and he told the police he borrowed it.

Yesterday, Peter Romero stole a necklace around 65'000 in a jelwery shop near Buckigham Palace.
Peter told the police he borrowed it, because he wanted it for his girlfriend. Peter entered in the provisional prison inmediately.
Mr Romero didn´t want to speak to the press.
The agent Danny laughed at his theft.
What do you think?


-Hello, Natalia, I'm in Itrabo, at the entrance of the town, but i don't know how to go to your house.
-Okay, don't worry, I'll guide you
-Thank you
-You must turn right and you must see a square.
-Yes, I see a square
-Well,go straight on and turn left. What do you see now?
-Hmmm... I see a bar, I will go straight on
And now you can choose between two roads
-I will turn left
-You must go straight on and turn right
-Now, I'm seeying your house
-Very good, I am going to open the door

miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018

                                                       MARBELLA, MÁLAGA

Marbella is a famous holiday town in Málaga.
It´s easy to get there by plane or by train, and for one month of the year, the climate is ideal.
Marbella is a beautiful place to visit.
There are five beaches, wonderful scenery and many parks, monuments and museums.
In the summer, the beaches are more crowded than Salobreña´s beaches.
At the weekend visitors come to enjoy the monuments, beautiful parks and interesting museums in the centre.
This part of Spain is also popular for taking holidays, and the special food.
A holiday in Marbella can be peaceful or adventurous.
It´s the perfect destination for young and old.



Natalia says:

I went to Málaga in 2017. It was a very relaxing holiday because the weather was a wonderful at the end of June. It was hot and sunny every day. The beach is extraordinary and peaceful.
I think it´s the most beautiful province in Andalucía. I don´t mind going back to Málaga. The only problem was the beaches were crowded.
I went swimming in the sea and sun all day. In the evenings my family and i ate in restaurants in the town.
The food was delicious, specially the fish.
At christmas I went to Granada. Granada is smaller than Málaga. I enjoyed the food too but I think the food in Málaga is better because I love fish.
Málaga is more modern than Granada, because it is older and has more culture in my opinion


-Can you recommed a series for me to watch?
-Sure, what type of series do you like?
-I love scary programmes. Some aren´t scary enough.
-Then you must watch Scream. I think it´s an amazing series.
-What is it about?
-It´s about five friends. They´re slowly dying little by little
-Who are the man characters?
-Arturo Soria, Manuel Becerra, John Summers, Peter González and Natasha Summers. They are from UK and Spain. They are so popular
-That sounds too frightening but thanks any way

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

                                                         TEEN RUNS AROUND SPAIN

Yesterday, 14-year-old Pepa Romero of Madrid, Spain, ran around Spain,505, 990 km.
It was Pepas´s dream to run around Spain, so her friend trained her for the difficult run.
Pepa and her team (including his mother and stepfather) started from the souyh side of Spain in Granada. There was a GPS tracking device and a satellite phone in their equipment, so at the end of the run, Pepa phoned his father and said, "Dad, it´s your doughter calling, I have finished the run"

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2018


-Do you want to learn how to play the guitar?
-Yes, I think it´s so interesting
-Whats´s your favourite activity?
-I love painting pictures
-Do you refer learning English or Spanish?
-I like them both. I´m good at languages
-What do you think of the science lessons?
-Well, I don´t mind doing experiments, but I prefer building models
-Do you enjoy singing in the band?
-I really like singing at concerts, but i hate getting nervous
-What do you think about maths?
-I think it is so boring, i don´t like it
-Do you like playing sport at school?
-Football perhaps, but i prefer basketball
-What´s your opinion about photography club?
-I think it´s so useful, but I can´t practise it