miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018



Natalia says:

I went to Málaga in 2017. It was a very relaxing holiday because the weather was a wonderful at the end of June. It was hot and sunny every day. The beach is extraordinary and peaceful.
I think it´s the most beautiful province in Andalucía. I don´t mind going back to Málaga. The only problem was the beaches were crowded.
I went swimming in the sea and sun all day. In the evenings my family and i ate in restaurants in the town.
The food was delicious, specially the fish.
At christmas I went to Granada. Granada is smaller than Málaga. I enjoyed the food too but I think the food in Málaga is better because I love fish.
Málaga is more modern than Granada, because it is older and has more culture in my opinion

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