martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


-When do you use the internet?
-I sometimes use internet to surf the web and chat with my friends, and doy?
-I never use the internet
-Are you kidding? Why don´t you use the internet?
-My parents don´t want.

-When do you play tennis?
-I play tennis when I go to Málaga, and you?
-I play tennis when i go to Málaga,too.

-Wha is your favourite color?
-My favourite color is black
-Really? I hate the colors so darks
-What is your favourite color?
-Is yellow, I love it.

-What is your favourite group?
-Is Metallica
-Really? Do you like metal?
-Yes, I love it
-I love it, too.

-When do you draw?
-I sometimes draw at the weekend
-Me too.

-Do you like butter?
-No, i hate butter
-Are you kidding? I hate butter, too.

-Do you like go to the cinema at the weekend?
-Yes, I like
-Really? I like, too.

-Do you like tomates?
-No, I hate tomatoes
-Are you kidding? I hate tomatoes,too.

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