martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


-When do you use the internet?
-I sometimes use internet to surf the web and chat with my friends, and doy?
-I never use the internet
-Are you kidding? Why don´t you use the internet?
-My parents don´t want.

-When do you play tennis?
-I play tennis when I go to Málaga, and you?
-I play tennis when i go to Málaga,too.

-Wha is your favourite color?
-My favourite color is black
-Really? I hate the colors so darks
-What is your favourite color?
-Is yellow, I love it.

-What is your favourite group?
-Is Metallica
-Really? Do you like metal?
-Yes, I love it
-I love it, too.

-When do you draw?
-I sometimes draw at the weekend
-Me too.

-Do you like butter?
-No, i hate butter
-Are you kidding? I hate butter, too.

-Do you like go to the cinema at the weekend?
-Yes, I like
-Really? I like, too.

-Do you like tomates?
-No, I hate tomatoes
-Are you kidding? I hate tomatoes,too.

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

                               British Tea


You will need: A cup, water, milk, tea bags, tea cups, a keetle and sugar.

First, you boil some water and put it in the keetle to warm it, and throw out the water. Then you put some milk in it.

Then you boil some water and put it in a cup and you put a tea bag in it.

After a time, you put the tea in the keetle with the milk and you cover it. Live it for three minutes.

Now is already to serve. Serve it in a tea cup and add it some sugar. Drink and enjoy!

People have tea for wake up, before ljnch, after lunch, at tea time, at night ore at all time! So make an sweet tea and enjoy it.